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We can all agree that dealing with acne at any stage in life can be a challenge. Along with the discomfort, acne may affect your personal appearance which for many is the most bothersome.                                    

The good news is M.A.D Skincare has multiple products available that will allow you to help control of this frustrating issue. 

Ready? Christopher Kuever, LE and M.A.D Global Educator helps you dive in and create your roadmap to success! Along with acne, often comes inflammation and redness. Wondering how to tackle inflammation and redness? The GOOD news is both can be addressed if you take the right approach.

M.A.D Skincare’s SALICYLIC CLEANSING GEL is a highly effective first step in controlling acne. Salicylic Cleansing Gel is designed for maximum effectiveness in the fight against blemishes. A potent blend of 2% Salicylic Acid combined with botanicals to fight oil and help balance oily prone skin. This cleanser is gentle enough to use daily or as needed. You need to cleanse your face anyway, so why not use something that will jumpstart your solution?

Next, you should think about “spot treating” those active blemishes, to target them at the onset. M.A.D’s ACNE DRYING LOTION 10% SULFUR is an effective first choice to rapidly reduce the size and severity of pimples as well as help conceal blemishes. For those who need a more aggressive spot treatment, M.A.D also has a BLEMISH REPELLING GEL 5% BPO, and an ACNE REVERSING GEL10% BPO available.

Facial serums and moisturizers are incredibly important for your daily routine. You may be interested in using M.A.D’s REDNESS RESCUE SERUM, or DELICATE DAILY MOISTURIZER to address inflammation, redness, and ongoing irritation. BREAKOUT CONTROL DAILY MOISTURIZER is one of M.A.D’s best sellers and will serve as a moisturizer designed to specifically tackle acne.

M.A.D Skincare has a SPOT ON ZINC AND SULFUR MASK designed to treat oily, acneic skin. M.A.D also has a DELICATE SKIN CALMING GEL MASK formulated to address redness, irritation, ongoing dryness and “itchy skin.” You can even wear these overnight to “super boost” your results! You can enjoy one, or both and simply interchange their usage at home, on an as needed basis.

Now that we have identified your roadmap that will help provide the solution to your concerns, we need to give a friendly reminder about one particularly important concept: CONSISTENCY AND REPETITION! Yes, to get the results you truly deserve, it is imperative you adhere to your daily routine without fail. Be sure to repeat the steps for a reasonable enough amount of time instead of giving up too quickly when you don’t see an “overnight” change.

We recommend regular facials with a professional esthetician to manage your breakouts and work your way to healthy skin!

Be MAD about your skin!


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